• Kraken Login | Web-based Trading Interface

    Kraken Basic

    In the account section, you’ll find open orders and positions. You can place trades here as well, including market and limit orders. This area includes the basic web-based interface and Kraken Pro, which we’ll discuss shortly.

    Once you’ve completed a trade, consider moving your cryptocurrency to a software or hardware wallet. To move money to your software wallet, you’ll withdraw from Kraken by providing your software wallet address. You’ll need to confirm your wallet via email for the first withdrawal. From then on, your wallet address will be available in Kraken.


    Kraken Pro

    Kraken Pro is available after you create a wallet. Kraken Pro is more polished than the basic web-based trading interface. It's similar to Coinbase Pro. It includes graphs, market depth, open orders and positions, and the ability to place trades.

    Kraken Pro offers certain features that you won't find on even some of the most advanced platforms such as margin trading and crypto futures trading.


    The Kraken Pro platform also offer lowers trade fees than many of its competitors. For example, while Coinbase Pro fees start at 0.50% and Gemini ActiveTrader fees start at 0.35%, Kraken Pro undercuts both by starting at just 0.26%.


    Are There Any Fees?

    Yes, the basic Kraken trading platform 0.90% for stablecoins and 1.49% on all other crypto pairs. You'll pay an additional 0.50% if you use a bank transfer (ACH) to fund the purchase or 3.75% + €0.25 if you pay with a card or digital wallet.

    Kraken Pro uses a maker/taker fee structure that's much more competitive. Most traders will pay 0.16% on maker orders and 0.26% on taker orders. However, the rate for both decreases as your 30-day volume increases. Below are the 30-day volume-based rates for maker and taker:

    How Do I Open An Account?

    You can visit the Kraken website to open an account. You'll need to be at least 18 years of age to open an account and must live in one of Kraken's supported areas. Kraken also has a mobile app that's available in most countries.


    Is My Money Safe?

    Kraken has never been hacked and is considered a reliable crypto exchange. However, it's probably still best to move your crypto onto an off-site wallet.

    Kraken provides various levels of protection for its users. It uses Google Authenticator 2FA for
    Trading and Funding. There is also a Masterkey (Yubikey recommended) level of security. Masterkey is good in case you lose your phone or Yubikey.


    Note: In testing, we experienced issues with Kraken's two-factor system with both Yukikey and Authenticator apps. You may get locked out of your account with these tools, which is a big issue. Hopefully Kraken resolves it, but be forewarned.

    Global Settings Lock (GSL) is only available after the above three levels are set. GSL prevents Funding 2FA and Trading 2FA from being changed if login is compromised.



    • Low transaction fees
    • 50+ supported cryptos in the U.S.
    • Pays bi-weekly staking rewards
    • Offers margin and futures trading


    • History of mediocre customer support
    • Potential for “feature overload,” especially for beginners